Wednesday, August 5, 2009

we don't teach what we know, we teach what we are

Another week passed. We've moved on to the second lesson in our teaching - the plan of salvation. As we've been preparing ourselves to teach our investigators, we've spent so much time being taught ourselves in a deeper manner and perspective. I have never learned so much about the plan of salvation's role in my personal life. And may I add my testimony that this is God's eternal plan for us, His children.
Everytime I teach these principles, I am filled with delight, for I know it is eternal truth. Jesus Christ is the center of all things.
We don't teach what we know, we teach what we are.

Moisah 18: 10-11
Mosiah 4:2 The blood of Jesus Christ if in our hearts would pump and spread throughout our veins to every part of our bodies, enabling us to use those limbs to glorify God and the Son with good works.

I love the work. Veel liefs,

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