Monday, December 6, 2010

Marijke endowed

I remember meeting Marijke for the first time. I had just arrived in Amsterdam on 16 September 2009 after two long days of travel and leaving everything familiar behind. My trainer Zuster Fowler, picked me up from the train station and escorted me and the suitcases to our Bijlmer apartment, where she immediately informed me that we were walking right back out the door straight away to our appointment at the church with our baptismal date, Marijke. I not only felt extremely tired, but overwhelmed with Dutch, inadequate to fill the former Zuster's shoes, and nervous about teaching a principle I had never practiced in the MTC to a person I had never before met.
Well, the rest is history. Zuster Fowler and I taught Marijke the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and committed her to making significant changes in her life. She did and continued on the gospel path of church activity and sensitivity to the spirit and over the course of my mission, I have been privileged to witness her progression. Just before I left for Rotterdam, Marijke completed the work for her late husband.

On Saturday, Marijke was able to go to the temple to receive the endowment for herself and afterward be sealed to her husband for all eternity. I've never witnessed something so sacredly special. Her words in the celestial room when I asked her how she felt: "het is niet te beschrijven." And it really is beyond description. Probably one of the most memorable experiences of my mission; something I plan on sharing with you when I come home.
This is what the work is all about - looking beyond the baptismal font and to the altars of the temple where families can be bound together forever. Zalig.

I love you. This week is spiced up with Christmas concerts, zone conference, day-trips to Brugge, baptisms and goodbyes. Last week, best week.

CHARLES AHENKONA is getting baptized Sunday. What a treat.

Love you all muchly,
Zuster Fritz

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