Monday, October 18, 2010

l'automne in Belgique

What else could you expect than a week of miracles? First of all, I have the most sensational companion ever: Zuster Amber de Groot and I have never laughed so much in my life - the mission is such a riot, I love it. We do and give our best to enjoy every aspect of the work and there really is nothing better than what's happening here in Antwerpen. We had 9 new investigators this week which is fantastic and our regulars are going so strong. It's now been several months teaching them and though they are completely ready for baptism, it's all working in the Lord's timing, which for a missionary is sometimes ridiculously long. Hahahaha. Liliane and Juliette and Anne-Marie are all completely elect and prepared and it is such a privilege to teach them and witness their faith in action. Each one of these ladies is SO involved in the scriptures and everything else that teaches them the principles of the gospel. I love them ridiculously much.

We are still teaching Florence Mensah from Ghana and her whole family and it's incredible - the lessons are full of hallelujahs and really good questions. Man, I love that family. Joseph came with us on joint
teach and it blows my mind that it was only four months ago that we introduced him to the Book of Mormon. Now he's got the priesthood and teaching and inviting people to the gospel like crazy. He is a marvel to behold and leaving to England in a few short weeks. I know he'll endure to the end no matter where in the world he finds himself.

I love this fall weather that is
descending upon us in Belgium. Best time to go finding on the streets. :)

love you all

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