Monday, February 15, 2010

I love being a missionary...seriously!

Yesterday at church was one of those amazing days as a missionary. When you look around and see the most beautiful faces in this world.

I looked around and there was 16-year-old Yanko, who skipped his football practice so he could be present for the whole of sacrament meeting...and bring his tithing. Behind me was William, reeking of marijuana, but in eager attendance nonetheless. Next to me was Anoesjke, who sacrificed the afternoon with her just-home boyfriend so she could come to church to show her gratitude to God for his safe return after several months. Down the aisle was inactive Margaret with her son, Marvelous: they honored their promise that they'd be in church again. In the row before me sat Sandra with her daughter Nicole and mother Miracy - it was Sandra's 4th Sunday back at church after a long period of inactivity - she's going strong. And beside me sat my wonderful, sweet Kim, singing the hymns. Aloud.

I love being a missionary. Seriously.

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