Monday, May 24, 2010

Moving to Antwerpen!!

ANTWERPEN! (in Belgium)
I'm so incredibly excited; I've been wanting and praying to serve in this area many months. I feel drawn to it. I'll be serving with Zuster Holbein who will be going her second transfer. (I got to spend some time with her last month and she's a total fire cracker. Kijk uit!) Mmmmm....I have a good feeling about these next 6 weeks!
This past week has been full of everything, really. A day of everything that could go wrong (including: Desmond's "friend" in rehab pulled out all the anti-Mormon literature and convinced him that he needs to stop speaking with us. Thus, our appointment ended with reassurances of gratitude and love, but a firm decision to stick with the Bible..."but I have your number..."), spending all possible moments packing and preparing the apartment for the zone leaders (two amazing Elders, Verwey and deMeester), and going on joint teach with ZUSTER SPENCER (my MTC teacher, here on vacation, ridiculously cool).
The most triumphant news: the church building here in North opened for church yesterday! Ok, ok, maybe that doesn't mean much. We've been going to the church building in South Rotterdam for 10 months as ours was getting rennovated and it was a monstrous annoyance for everyone as the distance and cost to get there was ABSURD. But church was wonderful - I've never seen so many joyful faces. Zuster Hamblin and I taught the lesson in ZHV (relief society) and got to share our testimonies to a congregation very reluctant to see the zusters go. But I'm confident the elders will win their hearts...seriously, these new zone leaders ar
e fantastic.
It's so strange, about the change. It takes a while to hit me that in two days, my entire world will be completely different, only I'll be doing the same things every day.
The mail system in Belgium is a little less fast, but I will be able to get my letters from the mission home MUCH more often because the Assistants to the pres are in my district.
Looking forward to hearing from you!
zuster fritz

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