Monday, May 31, 2010

loving Belgium

All right, so I left "the best two years" behind me and have fallen completely in love with Belgium.... and my incredible new collega, Zuster Holbein. I think we're the same person, which may be why I love her so much. hahaha. Honestly, though, I have never met a Zuster more prepared to get out and work every day. She's got all the confidence, skill, and spunk in the world to find and teach every day with unmatched enthusiasm. (and all that after only one transfer) I love spending every moment of every day with her and learning from her. She's a fast one to keep up with. :)
This area is being harvested to our amazement. 4 Belgians baptized in one month (Heidi en Marie Therese were baptized just before I arrived - I'm SO excited to be visiting them often) and several more preparing. This work is unbelievable. I love these people already (and their beautiful Flemish). We've certainly got our work cut out for us, but have some powerful missionaries covering this area in the world.

leuk verhaal: Zuster Holbein and I went to do a consecrated hour yesterday and I got a very strong impression to knock the street of the church. The natural man in me didn’t' t want to because I don't necessarily love knocking doors, especially on a Sunday evening, and I thought I could safely assume that it had certainly been knocked by more than several missionaries before me. But still the voice in my head persuaded me. And what a miracle occurred. A few doors down from the church lives Deborah, who is an 18 year old Belgian girl that has always wondered about the church at the end of the street. She believes in God and wanted to know all about how we see him. She was completely touched by our message of a loving heavenly father and felt the spirit so strongly when we prayed with her. She's totally coming to the next jovo (young adult) activity. Love her.

I love being a missionary every day. It’s the best thing in the world. Love finding,
love teaching.

miss you all,
Zuster Fritz

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