Monday, June 7, 2010

week of amazement

"It is futile to explain that which is unexplainable. Surely we are blessed by the Lord's tender mercies." -Elder David a Bednar

Oh my ridiculousness, this transfer has been filled with ongoing miracles. It’s beyond writing when, clearly, words are not enough.

Zuster Holbein and I have been literally surrounded by angels in Antwerpen these weeks and the work is moving forth at an astonishing pace. Let me share an amazing happenstance: following district meeting on Tuesday afternoon, we set out (starving because we had absolutely no money to afford even a McDonalds dollar menu item) to catch our #6 tram to our next appointment but ran to JUST miss it as it pulled away. I could've reached out and touched it, it was that close. Argh…. So, Zuster Holbein suggests we make some calls while waiting for the next one. But she pulls out the phone and it's telling us that the SIM card is rejected. watblieft?? So. Strange. Well, a little desperate (and looking like homeless people as we're carrying several huge cardboard boxes...long story) we look around to see a #3 pull up on the tracks. ok, ok, don't understand but that does NOT happen in Antwerpen. The #3 does NOT go there. But without even flagging it down, it stops before us and opens the doors for us (also a near impossibility). Without thinking, we jump onto an *I-kid-you-not* completely empty tram. Expecting it to follow the #6 route, imagine our further surprise when it turns off track and takes us northward. Things are definitely strange here, I tell you. While Zuster Holbein is trying to figure out how the heck to get down to south, I suddenly remember that there live some former investigators in this area we then found ourselves in. So...we feel a surge of excitement thinking that this is certainly no coincidence - but the hand of God and the tram driver, who must be one of the three Nephites or something. Anyhow, we're walking toward Scarlet's, her door in sight down the road and we are stopped by a Muslim-looking man (no discrimination at all, but we generally don't approach them unless we have time for a comparative religion discussion) who steps in front of us, asks us if we speak Dutch and then inquires who we are and what we teach. Absolutely. And this commenced to be one of the most incredible contacts of my mission. We taught him about revelation, the book of Mormon, the godhead. His three young daughters come out and join him. Turns out, his name is Sebastian, he's Jehovah’s Witness and from Macedonia… and is totally loving our message. And they asked us if we were allowed to come teach them more at their home. And they have the light in their eyes.

Unbelievable, the feeling there. Undeniable that every odd event led us to them and that miracles have not ceased among the children of men. I add my testimony to Moroni's. This is his work and he has charge. And all the forces of this earth obey his will and pleasure. Yes, this man Sebastian is that valuable. One soul brought to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is worth every effort, every event. I have so much faith (and do not wish to lose it) that this man and his family shall accept that and endure to the
And…… on top of that, 7 investigators were found this week, Broder Willems, the husband of one of our favorite sisters in the ward, was baptized this weekend (34 years after the missionaries knocked on their door) and many more lessons were taught and commitments kept. I LOVE this labor of love.

love jullie!!
Zuster fritz

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