Monday, June 14, 2010

i ate that fish

Zone conference in Apeldoorn this week. Lovely to be back in Holland even if for a few short, short hours. It was, of course, powerful. I wish everyone could experience a zone conference in the European missions.

Being in Holland included a short overnight stay in Amsterdam!!! This was a highlight of my mission; returning to my first city and seeing how much has changed since that time. Naturally the city is exactly as it has always been, but with everything that’s happened to me in the three plus months away, it had a completely different look and feel. I can't believe how much I've changed (for the good I hope ) in the course of my 18 month mission. Ii still have 6 months remaining and I am excited to see again how far we've come. "We" because it truly is me and the Lord. I'm not going this alone.

To Zuster Ekstrom and my favorite elders, Kim and familie Zwaan, Marijke, Claire, Elisabeth, and so many others: thank you for beautifying and defining my Amsterdam experience.

This week Zuster Holbein and I were invited to Joseph and Grace's - an African family in our ward - home for a "surprise" they had - to show their appreciation for everything we've been doing for their family. Their "surprise" was Moni, a friend of theirs for us to teach the gospel to with
a special surprise of her own: an African delicacy - scales, fins, bones, eyes and all still attached.

Yes, I ate it all. and no, I did not protest. I was praying to almighty God with each bite and somehow, I survived the evening appointment with no suspicion from anyone that I do not like or even eat fish.

And by the way, this was a onetime deal only. I’m never, no never, eating fish again.

ik houd van jullie.
al mijn liefde,

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  1. LOL nice. YUM yum yum.. hahahaha wow. i hope i might never have the opportunity to eat such awesome food on my mission lol:P Miss you!!! Xoxo!