Monday, July 5, 2010

a succession of good days

Monday: incredibly unbelievable appointment with Sebastian and his wife and four kids. This was the Jehovah’s Witness man who stopped us after our crazy tram occurrence. We watched the restoration DVD with them (which magically played with Dutch subtitles even though we didn't have the remote for the player...that just doesn't happen) the spirit was one of the strongest I’ve ever felt in a lesson. Angels were in that room. They are making us dinner for our next appointment and follow up on the Book of Mormon.

Tuesday: taught a man named Joseph from Gambia at centraal station. It was a lesson on very short notice, but he was so excited about getting his own copy of the book of Mormon. I love seeing people handle the book in their hands for the first time.

Wednesday: brought newly baptized Marie Theres to our appointment with Marie Christine. Both are middle-aged Belgian women and completely clicked. Marie Christine took notes the whole lesson and was excited to come to church to meet the rest of the members. She wants to prepare for baptism. And there have to be a few lifestyle changes, but she's up for the challenge.

Thursday: had a lesson with brand new mom, Adella. She had the missionaries teach her 10 years ago in Jamaica and feels more ready now to get serious. She even stole our thunder by asking us to be baptized before we could get the words out. It was super awesome.

Friday: delivered a book of Mormon to a Belgian man who ordered it from the website. He lives just around the corner from us and happens to be the chief of police in Deurne. He is interested in studying religions and wanted to assure us he doesn't want to become a Mormon right away, but he invited us in and we had a beautiful discussion with him about the book. He really felt something special, that was obvious.

Sunday: great morning at church. Love this ward. Ate dinner at our ward mission leader's home and taught his 15 year old granddaughter who wants to believe in god but needs faith. That was incredible.
How can I not love being a missionary?!?

veel liefs, me

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