Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July and zuster exchanges

Happy 4th of July!! Here in Belgium, we celebrated Canadian and American and Caribbean style at Katie's and watched the tour de France go by after cake and ice cream, so not too shabby of a holiday I’d say.
I seriously cannot believe its coming up on one year, it’s ridiculous. This week was such an amazing one for too many reasons but we had Zuster exchanges and it rocked because my friend from BYU, Zuster Amber de Groot, was one of my collegas, echt waar. We're totally serving together someday, I feel it.
It’d be useless to try and explain the dozens of miracles that happened in an email but if you ask me about it when I’m home, you'll get some sweet action stories. ;) I love love love Zuster de Groot and we are counting on being companions because how could two fabulous girls like us not be? Hehehe. We taught so many lessons on the street and in the trams and several of the people are pretty promising, including Barbara (a young woman from Brazil), who in a moment of divine intervention crossed our path for the second time. She is Zr. de Groot's miracle story.

We also have Zuster Stapleton with us for the week - she's getting on a plane home to the Caribbean Thursday and I have learned SO much from her example. What a pro. Zuster Holbein and I are hesitant to let her go. She taught me diligence and positivity among so many other things.

The work is so unbelievable here. We’re helping Adella and Joseph to baptism and there are SO many more waiting in line. I love this work, never want to stop.

Zuster Holbein and I are staying in Antwerpen for another transfer, about which I couldn't be more happy. And now that I feel a bit more acclimated, I’m setting a goal to seriously try to learn Flemish, echt waar. :)

veel liefs
Zuster fritz

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