Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Book of Mormon finding

This week the Rotterdam zone leaders came down to work with our assistants here in Antwerpen and we decided to all do a consecrated hour of finding together...Best Two Years style where we take a box of Book of Mormons (or is it Books of Mormon??) and get them out of our hands and into others'. Zuster Holbein and I gave away several copies of the book or Mormon (there, I think that’s the correct term) with krachtig getuigenis but the most memorable and promising contact was a young man named Wouter. (way to go for the jovo's - they are so super open). We talked to him for quite a while and he was so grateful and so interested and excited to begin reading. We're following up with him today. Zuster Holbein and I have a super positive feeling about this one.

Favorite moment in missionary work: watching people handle the book of Mormon for the first time.

It’s priceless.

love you all,
Zuster fritz

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