Monday, July 19, 2010

meet Joseph Mendy

Bonjour my lovely friends,

Would you believe that Antwerpen could produce any more miracles? I say it can and it has! ;) Zuster Holbein and I have our hands full teaching five investigators that will be baptized in July and August.

We switched our preparation to Saturday to attend the Long Ship's Races with the President and the office missionaries. I have never experienced a hotter day on my mission, but at least we were on the waterfront with a breeze. Grace, Joseph and baby Benjamin joined us along with Andy, whom the elders are helping prepare to be baptized. It was a memorable day in Antwerpen.

Jospeh is our brother from the Gambia and we actually met him through another Gambian investigator, Baks, (whom we later found out was Muslim) but Jospeh showed up at an appointment with him and practically taught the lesson about Christ being our mediator. I think Zuster Holbein and I both received the spiritual confirmation at the same moment that this was an elect and prepared soul that looked good in white. I have never seen anyone so passionate about the gospel, so sincere in asking if the Book of Mormon was the answer he has been praying for.

Jospeh Tunde from the ward has taken him under his wing and they're totally clicking. I love joint teaches. I love teaching the gospel to people like Joseph of the Gambia ("the Smiling Coast of Africa")

I've never felt so blessed and so happy in my entire life, no lie.

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