Monday, May 17, 2010

"dag" to Rotterdam

Well, this is our last week in Rotterdam. Zuster Hamblin and I are running around like crazy trying to get everything ready for the zone leaders to take over and pack up for our next cities (wherever those may be). I have very mixed feelings about leaving, but overall, I will miss this place bunches. Especially our fantastic ward members and investigators. I've come to love these people as a family (just as much as Amsterdam hehehe) and have developed so many friendships that have blessed my life. And Zuster Hamblin and I are hesitant to part...we've had a good run together, that's for sure!

Zuster Hamblin and I have been teaching the most elect and incredible man I have ever met. His name is Desmond and we met him on the way up to an appointment with our Tamia. We've had two lessons at his home and the spirit there was so lekker. However, he is now spending three weeks in a detox center in Dordrecht, so we are continuing to keep contact with and teach him over the phone. What an incredible experience that has been! He is SO hungry for the Book of Mormon -
we asked him to read a few chapters and he's half-way through Nephi. He knows that it's true, absolutely. He is so eager, so humble, so wanting to change. What a son of God. It's a privelege to teach him and learn from him. This man is getting baptized!

Thank you so much for your letters of encouragement (they've been very needed) and prayers; I can feel them. I love you all.

Zuster Fritz

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