Saturday, July 25, 2009

dutchies at the temple

I am just come from my anticipated P-day temple trip. As we were walking down the path from the temple, a tour bus pulled up to the curb, unloading a large group of people. From Belgium & the Netherlands!! It was a sure miracle!

They noticed our nametags and flocked to us immediately. They commended us on our 7th day Dutch skills & were SO happy to meet us and tell us about how much they love sister missionaries. How wonderful, huh? This was a direct and dramatic answer to my (and Zuster Sharp's) prayers. We pray daily together in Dutch for help with the language and love for the people. And the Lord hears and answers our prayers.

I am so excited to go forth and serve and love those people. I'm in the right place and I'm going to the right mission. No doubts! How could I need any more assurance? It amazes me the way the Lord communicates to His children when they seek Him in faith.

Eeeeeeeek! It was so exciting!!

I wish you could see just want an amazing place the MTC is. Everyone is so Christlike in their kindness. We say hello to everyone we pass (in our mission languages). The elders in our zone stand when we arrive @ meals, and take our trays for us afterward. Doors are held for me no matter where I go. Laughter is everywhere - everyone is always having a good time together with their companion(s) and district/zone.

The new missionaries arrived today. It reminded me that it was only one week ago that we did that. I want you to rest assured that though I do love & miss you, I'm not at all sad. I didn't have time to be. I think of you often and much, but I am so confident that the Lord is blessing you tremendously for supporting your missionary daughters (both of us). We pray constantly in the MTC and always ask blessings to be with our parents and families.

My time here is not my own. Every minute of every day is planned full. We rise at 6:30 (actually, 6:10 to get ready/shower) and have gym time, service (cleaning classrooms) or personal study right away, depending on the day. Class time is spent learning how to preach the gospel (in English first) and in Dutch, how to pray & bear testimony. We start & end with prayer/song in Dutch. Two teachers a day - Sister Spencer and Brother Bond. Both BYU students. Bro Bond is amazing at effective teaching. Very lively, very encouraging.

Choir is Sun & Tues at 4:15 - 5:15. We sing at the Tues. evening devotionals. A GA speaks to us each week. And then we discuss it afterward as a district.

I love Sunday Relief Society in the morning after watching Music & the Spoken Word. Then Sacrament meeting as a zone (several districts - going to Belgium/Netherlands, Oakland, Temple Square, Denmark & Las Vegas). I love them. Each Saturday we prepare a 5-minute talk for sacrament meeting & 3 missionaries are called up to give be prepared!!

So, that's life at the MTC. Very structured. Lots of learning/classroom instruction. 3 hours each day for 1) personal study, 2) companionship study & 3) language study. Lights off @ 10:30, no exceptions.

I love it here, have I mentioned that?? Unlike any other place on earth!

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