Monday, September 28, 2009

September 28, 2009

Well, the honeymoon days are over. My first week is over and it's really down to work here in Amsterdam. :) We've been incredibly busy with so many appointments (many of them with members from the ward. Go Amsterdam!!) and we've seen a lot of progression in the people we've found and taught.

Saturday, Marijke and Tomasina were baptized. And Ani, a 14 year old girl we're teaching, set a baptismal date for 31 Okt. We are busy. And loving it. :) It is so amazing to see the change that happens in these people's lives, in their entire countenance. I love being around them, teaching them through the spirit.

I am so limited on time, but I wanted to share ROMANS 8. Read it. Love it. Nothing can separate us from the love of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Pray hard. And WRITE YOUR MISSIONARY!!!!!!!

Much love,
Zuster Fritz

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