Monday, October 19, 2009

Go on in greatness

October 19, 2009

Another week gone by in old Amsterdam. It's been rather a rocky week, not gonna lie, but I'm a missionary, so that actually means it was a time to learn and grow substantially. :) Eample of the difficulty: Zuster Fowler's key broke off in her bike lock, rendering it useless. Well, we were late for an evening appointment with Familie Todorovic anyway, so we just had to do as the Dutch do: achter op. This, my friends, means that one sits on the back rack of the bike, above the rear tire. My tires were pretty flat and the bike trail pretty rocky and what a combination for hilarity. We made it to the appointment only to find that my nametag had fallen off somewhere along the way. I jogged back home and luckily found it lying on the path beneath the lamp pole. God exists.

Well, the next morning getting to church was the treat. Achtering op with an oversized bike pump and our grocery bag full of lunch - we were quite the site for the locals. Don't worry, we're back to normal. But I shall never forget this crazy circumstance.
Zuster exchanges were a ball. Zuster Wieland joined me in Amsterdam and I definitely learned a bunch, being the respsonsible one and all. I feel like it was a chance for me to grow so much in love for the people we teach. I seriously love them all incredibly.

Zuster Fowler and I are teaching several young women our age and they are such miracles - Kim, Amy, and Daisy. Let me introduce you first to Kim Zwaan. She's 21, the daughter of one of our strong sisters in the ward. She hasn't been interested in the church until now - all thanks to Claire (American working here in A'dam). They went on vacation to Norway together and Claire spent a lot of time telling Kim about the church and dared her to come. So she did. And now she's been coming to church every week and praying like nobody's business - and she's the awesomest girl of my life. She totally invited her friend, Zander, (who, let's be honest, is totally interested in her) to church and has been telling him about what "we believe." How cool is she, I ask you? I have loved teaching her and seeing how prepared people's hearts can be and become. The Lord truly loves His children and makes ways for them to come unto Him. And there's always joy along the way.

Today is Zuster Fowler's birthday, which rocks. :) Her parents sent her a care package with chocolate cake and decorations, so our apartment smells and looks fabulous. Transfers are coming next week and we're praying everynight that we can remain here together. Amsterdam pretty much needs us. We rock. Best companionship ever. I'm so blessed.

Well friends and family, ik hou van jullie. D&C 128:19

Zuster Fritz

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