Monday, October 26, 2009


I am staying another transfer in Amsterdam and I'm tickled pink about it!!! Zuster Fowler is remaining too, because, as President said,"I'd hate to break up a dynamic duo like you two!" Ha, it's actually the Lord's will and I'm so grateful for that because I know we have more work to do and lessons to learn here in A'dam. (And Kim has bee
n praying that we'll stay so we can keep teaching her together. Now she just needs to realize that this is an answer to her prayers and the sign she's been waiting for to get baptized! :D)

We had zone conference on Friday and that was super - getting a bunch of God's army together. It was rejuvinating. :) GRATITUDE: He who receiveth all things with thankfulness, the same shall be made glorious. -Doctrine and Covenants 78:19

I have been thinking a great deal on gratitude and decided to start celebrating Thanksgiving a little early here in Holland. I definitely need to be more aware of my blessings. I have so incredibly many. There are definitely difficult days on the mission. Like Bishop Klein told me, "the real work is so different than the movies and postcards and pictures one see." Missionary work is rigorous. But it's worth it - absolutely. And it's worth it when we see the blessings that come from obedience and diligence. And those are things to be grateful for. So, on top of everything else, work at being grateful. You will find that it yields wonderful results.

Ik houd van jullie. You are my greatest good.

Zuster Jillian Fritz

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