Monday, October 12, 2009

Restrict your remarks to the weather

Well, the weather was pretty extreme this week. Down pouring rain, and then enough blue sky to make a Dutchman a pair of pants. :)

We had stake conference yesterday in Nordwijkerhoudt and that was SUCH an amazing experience. It was awesome to see SO many members of the church and so many families! Sometimes what we do here seems small to me...but this was a great reminder to me that what we do here really is covering the world.

We had some pretty incredible teaches this week. One of the coolest appointments this week was with a young woman from China. Her name is Amy and she's looking. We taught her about God's love and she's praying to find out if He exists. I know she'll get an answer. Because He does exist and He loves her. It was such a special opportunity to teach someone who has no background or concept of God and Jesus Christ. But Amy's a miracle and I can't wait to meet more with her.

There are so many amazing people here in Amsterdam and I feel so PRIVILEGED to work in this gorgeous city, especially with the church members here. We've been really busy with starting new approaches and new programs and it's not difficult to feel overwhelmed, but part of trusting in my Heavenly Father is just not worrying. Because we just can't do it all without Him.

This week we have sister exchanges and my trustee trainer is leaving me for Haarlem. I'll be working with Zuster Wieland here in Amsterdam and I'm pretty anxious excited about it. Terrifed too, because I'll be taking the ropes for 2 days in this enormous city and I'll have to lead and guide in every aspect, but it'll be really good for me, eh? I'm super stoked! (I'll let you know how I survived it!) :)

I love you all and I wish you'd WRITE ME MORE! ;D But seriously, I pray for you all to keep happiness. Find it in the Book of Mormon. It's waiting for you there.

Zuster Fritz

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