Monday, November 16, 2009

Bike stil bij mij

What a day. Spent in Den Haag for choir practice. We're preparing for the Christmas concert series and we're pretty excited for the holidays.

The train ride to and from Den Haag was lovely. Low lands, green fields, farm homes, fog and rain. This certainly is a beautiful country and yes, we do baptize. (hahaha, playing off the old lie, "Wow, that's a beautiful country in which to serve a mission, but you won't have many baptisms." Well, I wish to dispell that lie. We've got another in Amsterdam this month.)

I wish to tell you all how much God loves me. I have left my keys in my bike at least five the Bijlmer and at central station...and it still hasn't gotten stolen. If I told any of the natives here, they'd consider that a miracle. Well, the blessings of a missionary, my friends.

We had such an awesome lesson this week with Mark and Lotte, two jovo's (young adults) that were friends of Kim van Dijk here in the ward. They came to a ward activity and then wanted to meet with us because they think we (the church) are way dang cool. Man, if every member could invite their friends to activities and church, the happiness we'd see and experience.

Zr. Fowler and I gave a workshop at zone interviews this week about trust. We read the story about Chief Captain Moroni to prepare and I love this man. Read his story. You will be moved.

Zuster Fritz

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