Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

Hallo geliefde broeders en zusters,

This past week was Thanksgiving in America. Be of good cheer – I was well taken care of. We ate a blessed dinner at Claire’s apartment (an American working here in A’dam. She’s an incredible friend and I’m not just saying that because she reads my blog. It’s totally true). I hope your turkey and stuffing was as delicious as mine was.

I spent Wednesday this week in Brussels, Belgium. Yes, that is technically my mission and where you send all my mail (you are always welcome to send Christmas greetings to 87 Blvd. Brand Whitlock, 1200 Brussels, Belgium) but I am there but four times on my mission. Twice for legality documents and twice to enter/exit the mission. It’s a beautiful city. But they don’t speak Dutch.

We’ve worked a lot this past week (and will continue to do so this week) with the members of the wijk (ward) Amsterdam. I have a deep love for the members of the church here. They are so strong and so unique. I can’t imagine myself serving anywhere else (but transfers are next week…) I gave a talk yesterday in sacrament meeting (a bit nervous was I, maar het ging best wel goed) and one thing I highlighted about the members' missionary work is their homes. They have pictures of Christ and the temple hanging on their walls for every resident and visitor to see – it’s such an awesome missionary tool. I think it’s wonderful and I’m grateful I grew up in a home with those visual reminders of my faith.

Tomorrow: Zone Conference….at the
TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am beyond extremely excited to attend the house of the Lord to learn by the spirit and feel the powers of heaven. I have loved reading the Pearl of Great Price to prepare myself. Moses 7 is an awesome chapter about God’s plan. Expands my mind! I encourage those of you who are able to attend the temple. I sincerely miss that opportunity and realize how important it is to be worthy and able to attend.I love
you all indescribably.

Thank you so much for your letters (and the Christmas packages!) Jullie zijn geweldig!

Zuster Fritz

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