Monday, November 9, 2009

thermals. love them.

Hello my precious crowd. Thermals. Love them. It's been zeer cold and foggy every day. Good thing I get toasty warm riding my bike all over Amsterdam. I do love it, though. I love riding along the canals early in the sun-lit morning with the dew-soaked leaves strewn across the red-rocked paths and seeing the mist swirl above the still waters, the royal Dutch architecture rising vaguely across the canals. (poetess, or what?!) But seriously, words cannot even describe how beautiful this place of the world is to me.

Zuster Fowler and I have seen so many miracles this week. Our investigators are making so much progress and I am indescribably happy. I am happy because they are finding happiness in Jesus Christ, their Savior. I am happy because they are coming to know and recognize God's love for them more and more every day. I think of the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 18 where it tells us how great will be our joy if we can bring but one soul into the kingdom of God. How great must be Heavenly Father's joy when His children make good choices to bring them closer to Him.

I've also learned some of the greatest lessons this week about my own happiness. I read a letter from my brother David this week that truly helped my perspective change completely for the better. He compares God's love to the sun. It is always shining on the earth, but sometimes, as is with nature, we are left in the darkness for a time. So it is with us. Sometimes we feel alone and apart, but Sunday will come again. It always does.Let the sunshine come from within. :)

I love you, my zonnestraaltjes.

Zuster Fritz

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  1. Jillian!! I haven't heard back from you yet, but I blame the postal system, for I know, my dearest Jillian, that you have written me! (and if you haven't responded yet, there's certainly the guilt trip to make sure you do!)

    So...on Thursday, I received my mission call...=] HOWEVER! I shall not tell you where except for in letter form. and do not check facebook. so. yeah. because you're a missionary and an honest person, a disciple of Jesus Christ, i KNOW that you won't check facebook or ask others to do so for you. My dear, I'm growing impatient. Hope to hear from you soon!

    The moment I receive your letter, I will respond to tell you where I'll be. =] I have the most exciting news to tell you! Be of good cheer, my friend!

    "Now go now, my dear, for sooner then shall you return."

    P.S. love the sweater! Adorable!