Monday, November 23, 2009

Noah's Ark and Africa

You people must think I can think of nothing better to write than the weather, but I must assure you that it is certainly letter-worthy. I have never seen so much rain in my entire time of living on this blessed earth. Last night, Zuster Fowler and I arrived to our appointment at the Zwaan's so wet that we spent a few minutes using their hairdryer to dry our hair and clothes. :) The rain was so heavy and fearsome, I was half expecting to see Noah's ark.

What a perfect segue into my next subject: Noah's ark. Serious. That is where I'm headed today. Some religious dutchman (almost an oxymoron, that one) made a replica of Noah's biblical ark and it sits in Zaandam for religious people like us to come and gawk at. :) It'll be pretty cool in the POURING RAIN today.

My apologies, I've said all I'll say about the weather.

I live in the Bijlmer in Amsterdam. I would describe it as the "Little Africa" of Holland. I can spend the whole day proselyting there and be the only white girl I see (besides my companion, Zuster Fowler). I absolutely
love the African culture here. Super friendly people. And they speak African English, which is a dialect they didn't teach me in the MTC, so it's kind of an immersion-type training, if you will. But it gets better every day.

Every soul we meet on the street in the Bijlmer adores Jesus and we have some pretty interesting conversations about faith and the like. Before we leave them, we always like to say a prayer with them. Africans do what we call "prayer talking." It goes like this: "When I say Jesus, you people say "Amen.'"

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