Wednesday, April 21, 2010

even in Antwerpen

This past week was all over the place and crazy amazing. Zuster Gulliver, Hamblin and I spent Monday in Antwerpen, Belgium (SOOO rad to see the lower half of the mission) to teach a family preparing to get baptized next month. Tjonge jonge, are they incredible! Heidi and Marie Therese. They have so much light and are so eager and excited to live the commandments and experience the blessings. Here in Rotterdam, Zuster Hamblin and I continue to teach Tamia from the Ivory Coast. She's also one of those elect who is so prepared to accept the gospel in its fullness. I love watching her progress.

A mission is such a wonderful thing and I'm so grateful to be serving my God and Savior. Blijf maar geweldig, jonges!
Ps - Kim Z - je weet hoe veel ik van
je houd hoor!

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