Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Yesterday was spent in Keukenhof with the Den Haag and Rotterdam zone. Best preparation day of my life. It was absolutely breathtaking, all the flowers. And the best part? Getting to see Kim and Joyce. They came along and it was an absolute blast to be with the other elders and zusters as well. Man, I love being a missionary in Holland!!

This past week was MIRACULOUS! We found 6 new inves
tigators who are absolutely sincere in their desire to know more about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Let's not forget that among the tribulations and trials, God also allows us joy. It is He who is in control of this, His work.

April 23, my father's birthday and one year since I entered the temple, I experienced the prettiest miracle of my mission. It's breathtaking, humbling and empowering. And through it all, I know that our Heavenly Father's plan of happiness is real and desirable for every soul. For the worth of every soul is great in the eyes of God.

This pretty miracle of mine will require a bit of an uitleg (explanation). It goes something like this: Sometime in the MTC experience, Zuster Spencer presented a piece of paper to us with a referral on it from a certain Becky Townsend Ballstaedt. She was an exchange student in Rotterdam (get this) 44 years ago, trying to make contact with the daughter of her h
ost parents, Aty van Dalen. Becky wrote the address of the house where they lived in 1966 with a few details in hopes that missionaries heading to the Netherlands would be able to find her.

I tucked the paper into my journal and thought no more of it until a tijdje into my service in Amsterdam. At that time, I called the zusters te Rotterdam to give the information through. It was weeks until I heard back from them and their answer was exactly as I'd expected - Aty doesn't live there anymore and the current residents know nothing more.
As soon as I got transferred to Rotterdam, I took the search back into my hands to find Aty van Dalen. I guessed we probably wouldn't find anything more than the other sisters, but I felt a pull to not give up....to be continued next week when I have more time.

The gospel is true, brothers and sisters. Love you all. Incredibly much.

-Zuster Fritz

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