Wednesday, August 25, 2010

zone conference with my favorites

It’s a beautiful day in Antwerpen. The clouds are sailing at high speeds above us, alternating between puffy, white cumulonimbus and threatening gray rain clouds. I have no idea how the weather will end up at the end of the hour, but that's Belgium. The weather has been cooling down and I love this time of year just before the complete transition to fall. School starts next week and so many of our investigators find themselves swamped but this too shall pass. ;)

Zuster Holbein and I had a REALLY wonderful and successful week and we're ready for another. We've got more positive investigators than we can handle actually - how incredible is that? We are still teaching Liliane, our favorite Belgian damsel, and love when SHE calls US to confirm appointments and ask what else she can read to be prepared. Set baptismal dates for Oktober with the 19 year old twins Sarah and Stella from Ghana. Ethel from Peru and her son 12 year old son, Steven, came to church for the first time after being taught for months and do you know what that took?...ringing their doorbell at 7:20am with frosted flakes and milk to entice them out of bed, washing the dishes, and then straightening Steven's hair to make him look like his idol, Justin Bieber. :) He was thrilled. And they absolutely loved church. One of my favorite moments. I love this family with all my heart. They have made so much progress since we found them in the “formers” in the area book at the beginning of the summer. They will be baptized.

On Saturday afternoon, after painting a member's family room walls lavender, I sat on the bus across from a gorgeous girl from Brazil. She talked to me before I could even get the chance to say anything to her and asked me straight away if I was from a church. The eagerness in her voice seemed to tell me that she was an elect and how right that is - her name is Marcilene and she had prayed that morning to Heavenly Father to lead her to a church where she felt at home. She recognized us as her answer and promised to come to church the next morning. And that's not all. She brought a friend. And her friend, Jeanette, has her own copy of the Book of Mormon in Portuguese from when she investigated the church. And now is her time. We are super excited to begin teaching them - I'll keep you updated. :)

Our Joseph Mendy came on joint teach this week with us to an appointment with a
man from Jamaica named Sanka . We taught him in the same waiting area in central station where we taught Joseph and it was so incredible to see him sharing his story, asking the same follow-up questions we would ask him ("what do you understand from that scripture" etc.). Quite amusing. :) He practically extended the baptismal challenge which was unbelievably awesome. As far as Sanka goes...well that’s interesting. We hope he's stable but we'll have to see. Apparently he's on a special mission from Jesus to destroy the world so we'll take it slow. Hahahaha. I love teaching the crazies. They always manage to find us. Joseph also made us food from the smiling coast of Africa this week at his house where we reunited with Bakary - the former investigator who introduced us to Joseph. He's still very Muslim but we've got an awesome friendship and he's willing to bring us more little sheep to teach. ;)

Zone Conference was uh-mazing, great to spend time with Kim and Zuster Ekstrom before they fly away to Amerika.

Love this work. So much.

Zuster Fritz

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