Monday, August 9, 2010

exchange in A'dam!

I now find myself in the most wonderful place on earth: the Amsterdam public library. :)
Zuster Holbein and I made our way up today as zuster exchanges are tomorrow and I will be working these streets again. I cannot say the smallest part of which I feel - (thrilled!!!!) I can't wait to see how things have changed and progressed; to see how I've changed and progressed since I've been here. Six months. It's been quite the ride.Our journey to Amsterdam was quite the miracle - we just barely made the 2:00 train by running and then after one stop, we were all unloaded due to mechanical problems to wait for the next train: the stop train (makes longer and more frequent stops, which can be inconvenient). However, as always, we were in the right place at the right time. We met one woman and four different men on the trains and started conversing with them. Naturally, we talked about the gospel and Church of Jesus Christ. It was truly amazing because two of these men were strangers sitting across from each other in the section behind us but heard us talking to another young man about what we're doing here in Europe and before we knew it, we had the whole train car as a captive audience as we taught about the nature of God and principles of the restoration and laws of morality. It was one of those awesome P-day moments when it just doesn't matter that you don't get your letters written or nap taken because you got to share with complete strangers what the purpose of this life actually is. Oh people, this work is truly indescribable.

It's going to be a busy,busy week and it’s going to be ended wonderfully and do you know why? BECAUSE JOSEPH IS GETTING BAPTIZED! He came to church yesterday dressed in the classiest Africa garb and sport shoes - simply love it. The members absolutely adore him and he just loves the feelings the gospel brings. Joseph was already a strong believer in "Christ Jesus" when we met him, but the change that the restored gospel has brought in him is from good to better; beautiful to beautiful-er. :) I am so grateful to have been a part in Joseph's conversion to better and on to best. He has so much energy and testimony and I tell you all now that he will do great things in building up the Lord's kingdom around the world.

I am headed now to family home evening at Lucky's and it's going to be incred...sorry if I come across as insanely happy. I just really am. :)

Brethren and Sisters, this gospel is it. Should we not devote our everything to further it?

love you all

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