Tuesday, August 17, 2010

the best week of my mission and the smiling coast of Africa

This week was absolutely hands down the best week of my mission. So incredible. Zone conference and the news that Zuster Holbein and I are staying in Antwerpen for another transfer: tender mercy. We have much to start & finish together.

Shall we start with Amsterdam, the city beautiful?

I truly am amazed to think that it was six months ago that I left and one year ago that I arrived. I AMsterdam.

Zone conference was a sweet experience. It was wonderful to see my favorite missionaries and to be spending the time with Zuster Ekstrom before she leaves the field. Kim came along as well which was a real treat. I remember going to zone conferences with her in mind, trying to find out ways to help her progress in the gospel and become truly converted through the spirit. To have her sitting
there next to me was a dream come true.

Now onto the really exciting news!! Joseph Mendy and Andy Thomas were baptized 14 augustus 2010. What a pleasure it was to see it happen and feel the spirit that was present. Zuster Holbein and I wore our African dresses to honor Joseph and the smiling coast of Africa (the Gambia). From our first meeting 10 juni to this day, Joseph has proved nothing but faith and diligence.

He is such an elect and I am so grateful for the privilege of having been able to share the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ with him, my brother. Zuster Holbein and I did nothing - he was already converted before we even met him. He just needed to be found. Glory be to God in the highest. Joseph will continue on in so great a cause and b
ring the gospel message further to countless souls.
It was so incredibly special to see everyone again, but mostly Marijke and Kim and to see how much their testimony has grown. To see all of Marijke's family history work spread out on trees and charts and Kim uiteindelijk in a skirt. :) So simple are these things but so precious to me. It's beyond description and far more noteworthy than any relating of the breathtaking beauty of biking along the summer canals.

Also, I played the violin duet with Elder Wood for Joseph’s baptism and stunned the congregation. :-) What if I told you I would be playing in September for when Elder M Russell Ballard comes to speak at our mission? hehehehe

love you all een hele boel.
al mijn liefde,

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