Monday, August 2, 2010

it is real

Of course it wouldn't be typical to start my letter without expressing how merciful the Lord has been or the astonishment at the ridiculous amount of miracles that have occurred in Antwerpen this week. Both are still valid and in force and Zuster Holbein and I are basking in the wonderfulness of building up the kingdom.

Joseph is of course the star of the week and getting ready for his baptism on 14 August. He came early to church yesterday, greeted everyone with his charming mannerisms, sang along with all the hymns in Dutch, and stood to end our testimony meeting with his own witness that Jesus is the Christ and the restored gospel of this church is the power unto salvation. Much else was said, and everyone present truly felt something incredible.

This is the joy of missionary work: endeavoring to bring the gospel message to the children of men and helping them along their way until they can take it further to others. The gospel must be shared this way. No mass media message or flashy presentation could bring the spirit that a personal and powerful testimony does. It is real.Seeing Joseph be the source of testimony brought back the familiar feelings of seeing Kim and Marijke share their testimonies with others in Amsterdam. Meeting their invited friends at baptisms and sacrament meetings, taking them on joint teach and sitting back and watching them as they share their story...these are the most precious of experiences of my mission.

(And just the most exciting news, I'll be heading up to Amsterdam next week for exchanges with Zuster Cranford. Wat ben ik blij!!!!)

houd van jullie!


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