Monday, September 27, 2010

Zuster de Groot to come to Antwerpen!

Transfer calls came today and as expected, Zuster Holbein is leaving me. :( I have enjoyed every crazy minute we've had together but I'm excited for her to get out of her greenie area and stretch her wings in the best city in the world: AMSTERDAM! I've asked her several times to take me with her but she's already got more luggage than she can handle.

However, I am beyond words in my excitement about my new companion: Zuster Amber de Groot. FYI: she and I are already friends from my BYU ward at Park Place! I always told her before I left that I'd go convert her Dutch ancestors. And now she's here to help me haha. She is beyond cool and I never thought I would be lucky enough to serve with her. But God is a God of miracles, dat zeker.

Last Saturday’s pday was spent in Brussels with missionaries and members
- awesome. Neat to visit another mission's city and eat delicious frites, waffles, and chocolate...too much salt, sugar and money after a while. :)

It's been a full week and I can't possibly describe it. I wish that you could just be here to experience it all with me. *sigh* But until then, enjoy the fall and I'll see you at Christmas. Love you all tremendously. ENDURE TO THE END!

love love love you,
-Zuster Fritz

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