Monday, November 15, 2010

even terug in Rotterdam

Anne-Mie was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints yesterday in sacrament meeting (and our miracle, Charles, was there to witness it.) After the ordinance, she went backto her seat with the biggest smile and said to us all, "da's warm!" it was lovely. This woman is my Antwerpen. Charles came out of nowhere, so we think he came from heaven. Completely prepared to be baptized. We only met him on Monday at Christina's home (a member friend of his) and have since had four lessons with him and he's through 1st Nephi, and already placing himself in his shoes. I tell you, the role of Lehi's dream in the investigator's progress is key and powerful. "I love Jesus and I think I should do something about it." He came to church yesterday and felt completely at home. Wijk Antwerpen is incredible. They step up to every task and are so filled with the spirit and fire of missionary work.This place is every missionary's dream. My heart is here....and several other places. :)

I got to go back to Rotterdam this Thursday to take care of legality. I signed out of Holland and won't be coming back...crazy. Where on earth did the time go?! It was like coming home to cross the borderagain into the Netherlands. I love that country and those people, just as I do Belgium. How many missionaries get that chance? Not all and I consider it a blessing to have come to be a part of both.We gotta run to Groenplaats now to teach our Nico. He's getting baptized binnen kort.

Love you all ridiculously much

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