Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving, phone calling, and church touring

This week is Thanksgiving and like the last three years, I am spending it here on the European continent. My first dinner back in America will have to include stuffing and berry-mallow-yam bake. As Josh Groban's Noel CD is on the approved music list in this mission, Zuster De Groot and I have spent many hours singing his words to each other, "there's so much to be thankful for." Indeed. I have never been more poor in my life and never been so happily content. I’ve made a list throughout the past few days of the things in my life for which I am grateful and besides food and clothes and my iPod, most of the items aren't tangible. I love my mission more than words can express and I don't think I’ll ever adequately be able to understand how merciful the Lord has been in placing me in this calling. I love who I am becoming and feel so humbled by the progress. I didn't experience a grand change of heart or character like Alma the Younger, but I feel as if my motives and desires have been purified and refined and I am definitely going to get 100% visiting teaching for the rest of my able life. :)

Our mission has undertaken a grand challenge this week and that is to contact every former investigator who once had a baptismal date planned and invite them again to get back on track. What a shower of miracles we've seen. Seeds were planted and now several are ready to harvest. Lovely. I love this work - have I said that enough? I cannot say the smallest part that I feel. :)

Charles is so content and loving the gospel message. Our appointments this week have been incredible as he's been one step ahead of us every time, giving himself every commitment and keeping it beautifully. His change of heart and determination to keep it so is exquisite. He'll be getting baptized on the 12th of December with Richard, another brother from Ghana that the elders have been teaching. It'll be a party. We may have to break out the African dresses again. :)

As for Liliane, our pleadings to the Lord have been heard. Her daughter, Chantal, has somewhat softened and Liliane will be coming to church next Sunday. I couldn't imagine anything to make me happier.

Juliette and Hendrik's son, Rudy, passed away last weekend after a short but brutal battle with cancer. It was a peaceful experience to visit them again at last and teach them again about the plan of salvation. Nothing is more comforting than to know that plan - how simple and jo
yful it truly is. They still need some time to readjust, but this experience, though tremendously difficult, has only increased Juliette’s relationship with her Savior and testimony of His atonement.

We had a church tour with Willy this past week and our angel, Zr. Van Wauwe, accompanied and translated. What a wonderful hour that was, to showcase the building in its beautiful simplicity and end in the chapel. The spirit was present and calming and Willy felt as if he had come home - a welcome feeling to have in foreign Belgium.

guys, I love you….all of you.

-Zuster Fritz

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