Monday, November 1, 2010

special Zusters' training

You’ll never guess what I’m doing right now. I’m at the mission home surrounded by every Zuster in the mission watching season 2 of the district (it's about as close to the office as you can get here. It’s so totally awesome) It's pretty amazing. We've had a day of sister training here in Brussels and are continuing tomorrow in Brussels and Mechelen. I love my mission.

Beyond being a total blast with the girls, it’s been a great training and I’m feeling really excited about using these honed skills the last seven weeks. Looking around the room and seeing all these beautiful Zusters in all the phases of the mission. I remember being Zuster Ence and Perry in the first transfer. Skipping that phase, I remember tackling my second city in my 5th and 6th transfers like Zusters Holbein, Pierson. And seeing Zuster Robbins and Driggs preparing for takeoff in 10 This life as a missionary is the greatest thing on earth besides the gospel itself.

This past week Zuster De Groot and I have had the AMAZING opportunity to train our newest Zuster, Zuster Kremer who arrived 2 weeks early from the MTC. She. Is. Fabulous. Not only does she talk like Keira Knightly but she is laughter, testimony, and poise. I don't want to turn her over to her real trainer and greenie city - she's so fantastic for the city and ward of Antwerpen. Her greenie faith has put me in my place several times...and gotten us several young male phone stalkers....hahahaha. harmless and hilarious. oh, to be a Zuster.

Because I wrote two days ago, nothing new has happened worthy of a paragraph, but I am excited to tell you about Nico next Monday. We, the Zusters of Antwerpen, are sharing him with the Elders of Breda and he's getting to baptism the 5th of December. I’m exercising all my faith in that one - submissive, child-like faith.

I can't leave out the incredible news that Beatrix Werner got baptized in Rotterdam 16 Oktober. She was my first appointment the day that I transferred to Rotterdam. She's from Germany, a former member who decided to come back to the fold. It was a long journey and she made it through triumphant. I learned so much from teaching her those months in Rotterdam with Zuster Hamblin. She has such righteous desires and she's focused on the goal. To be there would've been incredible, but not being present doesn't make it any less of a beautiful experience of the mission.

It's not about us. It's about 1) the savior and 2) the people. and as long as they link up, we've done our job.

I love you all so indescribably.
Zuster fritz

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