Monday, November 8, 2010

shotgun baptism and killing off companions in Antwerpen

Surprise: Anne-Marie van Winckel was baptized yesterday!!! I know, I know...the planned date was 14 December but we went kinda shot gun baptism here. :) It all came about something like this: We showed up for our appointment on Friday night and Anne-Marie announced upon our arrival that she had gotten the job she applied for at the fietshaven and would therefore be working by then. "So, Zusters, we'll have to make it earlier..." Of course we were ecstatic and started proposing 27 November as a nice day, but since she knows everything and hasn't missed a beat, and she didn't want to make it a big to-do, we all came to the conclusion that we would mak e it for Sunday. :) And for all the right reasons, she agreed there was no more reason to set it out.
We planned the whole thing in two days and it went down beautifully. Anne-Marie was beaming and twirling around and singing in her white, flowing baptismal gown. The service itself was extremely interactive and, because it's Anne-Marie, full of good humor. We missionaries sang "The Olive Tree" for a musical number. I love my go
od friend, "Anne-Mie." I am so grateful I got to have been a part of the teaching process and be present to witness her baptism through Br. Nuyens (who received revelation at general conference that she would be baptized before the year was out hahaha) and the warm interaction between her and Christine, her bosom friend who introduced her to the gospel just 2.5 months ago.
After the ordinance, Anne-Marie stood and bore her testimony and I've never been so engulfed by the spirit of furthering the work. She stood and shared her conversion with perfect poise and ability and the most beautiful part cannot even be adequately shared in words, but I know I'll never forget it.
Love this work.

Exciting: I am ending my mission in Antwerpen with Zuster de Groot. juist.

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