Monday, January 18, 2010

1/3 in Amsterdam

1/3 of the people we hoped would have set baptismal dates this week pulled through. Kim is a rock star. Martha is well on her way "by the grace of God." Moses...well, Moses needs some time.

1/3 of my mission was reached 15 January, 2010 in Amsterdam. I celebrated with Ben& Jerry and Zuster Robbins during zuster exchanges. It was a miraculous day of perfection.

1/3 of the times that Claire and I tried to achter op on my bike yesterday actually got us somewhere.

1/3 of my mission will be spent in Amsterdam. I heard this morning that I'm remaining another transfer. Zuster Ekstrom will join me. I'm ecstatic.

It's a bittersweet thing to stay here and watch my trainer, my companion and my friend Zuster Fowler, leave me behind. I'm excited for her, excited for me, but change is always different. (duh) Yet adventure awaits us; I'm sure of it.

It's been such a week of miracles, great and small. I can't even begin to describe how much my heart is in this work and how much satisfaction I receive at it's progress. Jesus Christ heads this great undertaking of bringing the world his truth. I'm so proud to be a part of it. Something my
sister Emily told me before I embarked on this mission has stuck with me since and is only now beginning to take permanent shape in my understanding: "It's NOT about you. It's about 1) the
Savior and 2) the people." While at the beginning of my mission, I was completely willing and eager, I was also extremely selfish. It's been a rocky road, but I find that it sheds off a little more everyday - and that comes by serving and merging my will with His. Ceaselessly, everyday. Through prayer. It's a powerful line of communication that will never fail us or be too great for us. We are all worthy to pray.

I love you all so much and thank you for your letters, your support, your prayers. I am sorry I've been serving in such an AMAZING CITY with SO much to do every P-day that I've had hardly any time to write back most of the time, but maybe in a few months I'll be in the middle-of-nowhere-Holland with nothing better to do. ;)

Veel succes en liefs,
Zuster Jillian Fritz

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