Monday, January 11, 2010

oud en nieuw

Hello lovely everyone,

Happy New Year! "Oud en Nieuw" (Old and New as they call it here) was a flashy affair. Fireworks are a Dutch legacy and we didn't go a single minute without hearing explosions through the day. When night fell, the sky was colorfully lit and I imagine a bombing raid couldn't sound much louder. It was a memorable night of little sleep....Very little sleep!

the new year had provided us a great opportunity to talk with people about making changes and setting goals. I hope it yields great results.
With so much resolution to change in the atmosphere, I've also made some resolves to become a better me. My emotions have indeed been a struggle and challenge on my mission, but of one thing I'm sure - that the Lord Jesus Christ has been here before me. I've received several priesthood blessings with beautiful words of comfort and assurance. My testimony of the priesthood is being continually deepened as I've seen its pure power in my life and the lives of others.

We're preparing two investigators for baptism and watching them both progress has been a privilege for me. Kim is the light of my mission. I'm amazed by her willingness to live a gospel-centered life and so impressed with how prepared she is. We did nothing - she simply fell into our laps and I know that it's really not about us, but the Holy ghost in teaching toward repentance and change. Moses, on the other hand has a desire to change, but is not as active in making steps to get there. Everyone must make the decision in their own time.

One thing I must make absolutely clear is that Ik hou van minj fiets!!! I love my bike!!!. I truly think its the God-intended way to get from here to there. It's exhilarating and pure - truly a joy :)
Today's P-day is being spent in the Centrum as usual and we're lunching @ Hard Rock Cafe A'dam. I absolutely love this city. It's definitely unique.

I love you all oodles and hope and pray the best for you all by name. Love you, good night, sweet dreams!

Zuster Jillian Fritz

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