Monday, January 11, 2010

A day in the life of Zuster Fritz

6.30 arise, sport for 30 minutes
7.00 shower, breakfast, prepare for the day
8.00 personal study
9.00 companionship study
10.00 language study
10.30 lunch (grilled cheese and tomato sandwich, apple, stroopwafel)
11.30 leave for the centrum to look up inactive members of the ward
12.04 approached by three American tourists who are members of the church
13.17 come to find that the address the inactive member gave us was the Anne Frank house (she apparently didn’t want the missionaries to visit her)
14.11 after 11 minutes of bell-ups, approached by the police who came on a call from a resident we had belled, claiming we were not who we said we were. The police took down our legal names and told us if it happens again, we will be spending time in jail
14.25 Zuster Fowler and I decide not to go finding in the centrum anymore
16.06 amazing lesson with a former investigator, Martha, who wants to come back to church
16.51 go to look up former investigator around the corner from Martha. he no longer lives there, but schedule an appointment with the new tenant
17.00 Moses, our Liberian investigator, says it is too cold to go outside of his apartment so cancels his appointment
17.30 eat cucumber soup for dinner (for the seventh time this month)
19.00 Kwame gets baptized at the church. incredible experience
34 Bishop calls to tell us that church is cancelled due to expected snow Sunday morning
21.00 plan for the next day
21.30 call the elders and share miracles and report numbers
22.30 retire to bed

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