Monday, March 22, 2010

ummmm, we have a car

Helaas, again I have little time to write, but I assure you that things are going very well. Zuster Hamblin and I are now heading down to Dordrecht to pick up our car....what?!?

Ya, totally. Zuster Hamblin's ankles have been not been getting better with all the biking and walking we've been doing to keep the work up and running, so we've been approved to be the first zusters to use a mission vehicle...for a transfer until things improve. And not just any mission vehicle, may I add. The mission president wife's. Ahhh! She is such a schatje and we're so thankful for their help. Pray for the blessings to flow upon them for their sacrifice! ;)

I have such a positive feeling about this city...what a change from my initial outlook a few weeks ago. With the miracles that have been happening slowly but surely, we're surely going to see an amazing transfer unfold. With a lot of faith and prayer.

AnaIris and Remie, two students from the caribbean, accepted to be BAPTIZED last week!!!!! It was without a doubt one of the most powerful lessons I've ever seen. The spirit did the teaching, the inviting. The spirit will always communicate to those who are prepared what they must do. And they will do it. This gospel changes lives.

I love you all. But a special shout out to Kim and Claire:

Kim, thank you for your fabulous letter...and birthday wishes! ;) You are the biggest Sweeheart EVER! Mis je!
Claire, thank you for taking care of all that drama. I'll never forget it. (ps - keep my secret!!!) hahaha

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