Monday, March 1, 2010

Kim baptized!!!

My beautiful Kim was baptized on Saturday evening 27 February and received the gift of the Holy Ghost the following morning.

This, brothers and sisters, is what it's all about. The joy is unequaled.

It was everything I imagined and more. ;) It was such a special evening for her and her amazing FAMILY and friends. The spirit was beautiful and Kim welcomed everyone with so much love. What an example of the believers she is! She will bring many more unto the gospel through her shining light. I can't wait to see what great things await her!
Zone conference was also last week and it turned into one of the most sacred and powerful experiences of my fact, my lifetime- the sort that defy all description. This gospel is true. God lives.

My fabulous time in Amsterdam has come to a close and I am headed to new adventures in ROTTERDAM. (At least I can still stick with the -dam). It was a bittersweet moment to hear that I'm transferring, but I'm also pretty excited as I'll be working in a great city with Zuster Hamblin - she's a peach.

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